Redwood Tree

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Jun 14

The more I think about it, the more sure I am that human beings are insane to have taken down all but 2% of (Pacific) coastal redwoods–trees that can grow to more than 100 meters, some of which have lived on this planet since the birth of Christ.

We think an environmental problem is when your neighbor decides to cut down a tree in her backyard to make room for a swimming pool, itself an ecological disaster. It may be ignorant but it is NOT an environmental issue.

Industrial deforestation of millions of hectares of northern boreal and coastal forests as well as jungle cutting are huge issues not only for their impact on climate, soils, air and water quality, but because every nation in the history of humankind that has denuded its forests has ended up totally impoverished.


I lived in Nocal for a while and spent many days forest bathing… These tress are sacred.

Maybe, if I can find the bandwidth, I’ll write Nora’s story about her times and her efforts to save earth’s forests, alive in my mind for the last few weeks.

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