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May 21

If you are a writer, you absolutely live for good reviews. They make your day (unhappily, the reverse is also true).

Here’s one I just received from a guy who sold his tech company and decided to go off on a worldwide adventure–sailing with his wife & four tiny kids for five years on his new catamaran:

Hi Bruce, we’re anchored in Abraham
in Mayaguana Bahamas
waiting for a weather window. Once trade winds settle down, we’ll head for the
Turks and Caicos—probably Monday. I made the mistake of starting to
read Don’t Back Down and now I can’t
stop. Damn it’s good. I really like the mix of entrepreneurial asides mixed in
with the franchise story. You have a storyteller’s gift; I’m having a hard time
putting it down! Then, after reading for a few hours last night, you
got me so psyched, I dug out my laptop and started worked on my business plan for
my next startup for a few hours. You’ve got me wanting to ditch sailing for
entrepreneurial life again, Rick recovering tech founder

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