Real Estate Investing Made Easy–How to Get Rich, For Real

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Nov 05
(By Bruce M Firestone, B Eng (Civil), M Eng-Sci, PhD)
Want to learn how to get rich for real? Don’t pay $600 or $60,000 for real estate courses that may or may not work. Pay 

$2.97 instead for a practical how-to step by step guide explained in simple, direct language with plenty of case studies by someone who has been there/done that.

“This book is really educational and informative for both beginner and advanced real estate investors. It was a great read.  I love the fact that Firestone shares all the details related to these real estate deals, including calculations used to prove the numbers. Really educational and informative,” Brent Mondoux, N-VisionIT Interactive.

Bruce M Firestone Real Estate Investing Made Easy, Get Rich for Real

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“I think Real Estate Investing Made Easy is a well written guide on how to enter the real estate market for any first time investor. As a serial entrepreneur who operates in a field that covers both real property and the IT space, I think the analysis provided by Prof Bruce offers readers a great framework. When I finished my engineering degree, I followed the bungalow split-level model personally and it has worked out fantastically. My location is near a college and I’ve have had 100% occupancy rates for the last five years. My IRR is in the 40-50% p.a. range(it includes capital appreciation). I really enjoyed Firestone’s humorous, clear and personal approach in presenting the material. That’s hard to find,” Jason van Gaal, founder,

“Prof Bruce’s Real Estate Investing Made Easy—How to Get Rich, For Real is an excellent resource. With particular attention to thoroughgoing calculations contained within, Professor Firestone has taken a complex investing vehicle (real estate) and explained it in simple terms which makes it a must-read for both experienced and novice investors. It will help many, many people build an investment foundation for a better future for themselves and their families on a daily basis,” Daniel Casal, B Com (Hon) Finance.

More About the Book

Many people are tired of poor returns on their bank savings accounts, pension plans, insurance policies, t-bills, IRAs, 401(k)s, bonds and mutual funds as well as stock portfolios. Why do so many of the wealthiest families around the world have all or substantially all of their wealth invested in real estate? It’s because real estate investing is virtually the only strategy that works.

In a recent Bloomberg Businessweek ad, a major bank said, “Can you really call it a SAVINGS account if it’s only earning .01%?” Their answer? Put your money in their Online Savings Account which pays 0.84%! Think about that for a minute. If you would like to retire with an $84,000 annual income, you’ll need $10 million in cash in that account.

This book by Bruce M Firestone, PhD, lays out an alternative strategy that really works. What if you could buy, say, two residential rentals and one industrial condo that generate net operating income of $84,000 a year? Now that sounds more doable. Firestone knows because he has coached many clients to success by exploiting opportunities in real estate.

“This book is really educational and informative for both beginner and advanced real estate investors,” Brent Mondoux, N-VisionIT Interactive.

Firestone’s strategy is simple—you make money in real estate when you buy not when you sell so buy when everyone else is selling and sell when everyone else is buying. In real estate, if you overpay, you never catch up. This is called buying smart. Firestone shows you how with plenty of examples, stories and spreadsheets.

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