Nov 12

Real Estate and Business Coaching

This is what I do: I help people forget it’s payday by helping them generate a minimum of $10,000 a month in free cashflow from their own, above-average performing real estate portfolio.

I know of no other way to really provide for yourself and your family other than owning your own real estate portfolio and a PB4L, a personal business for life.

My PB4L is simply my coaching and real estate brokerage practice. A PB4L is a business you own and control, one with as little debt as possible and zero partners. 


The real estate investing I teach is based on Warren Buffett’s philosophy:

-buy smart


-animate/differentiate/add value

-manage well/drive up value

-refinance (DO NOT SELL) and take $$$ out tax free


And more recently, I’ve added another component:

-add children, grandchildren as joint tenants so you can pass on your property to subsequent generations without probate, probate taxes, income taxes, inheritance taxes, death duties or greedy lawyers, executors and accountants stealing your estate.

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Bruce M Firestone, PhD, coach, ROYAL LePAGE Performance Realty broker, Ottawa Senators founder, text 6137628884 email

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About the Author

Bruce is an entrepreneur/real estate broker/developer/coach/urban guru/keynote speaker/Sens founder/novelist/columnist/peerless husband/dad.