Quantum Entity Trilogy—Brief Synopsis

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Jan 02

is a trilogy that concerns itself with the big questions about life and the
small details of how we live it. Young Damien Bell, physicist and engineer,
designs then unleashes Quantum Communications and Quantum Entities on an
unsuspecting mid-21st Century world. The tech company he co-founds along with
Romanian mathematician Traian Vasilescu and Elmira College
marcom graduate Ellen Brooks, Quantum Computing Corporation (QCC), becomes a
fast growing, vastly profitable, globe-spanning one in a remarkably short few

they come into conflict with established commercial interests as well as
security agencies around the world, first, because their quantum phones (later
known as Q-phones) based as they are on hacked iPhone 40s completely
disintermediate established carriers and, second, Quantum Entities (QEs) are
fully actualized quantum computers that are not only superb examples of AI but
appear to be conscious, sentient creatures come to join humanity on its voyage
to a collective destiny whatever that may be. What it also means is that
Internet security, paywalls and all forms of digital encryption are wide open
to possible exploitation by QEs and their human counterparts as well as QCC.

Entities apparently comply with all human laws but there appears to be an issue
with a small minority of QEs called ‘Drogues’ who, for some reason, do not
successfully form a bond with their human hosts. This ultimately results in a
war on Drogues and other problems for QCC and its founders.

introduction of Quantum Communications and Quantum Entities leads to an era of
Quantum Economics (later called the Quantum Era), a time when scarcity becomes
a thing of the past at least for some. It also leads to a new competition
amongst nations—some like the United
 States embracing (to an extent) the new era
while others such as Imperial China apparently rejecting this new technology.
This leads to a clash amongst world powers when Imperial China and its ally, Germania (a renamed EU), attempt to impose a new hegemony
on a mostly unwilling planet. The last book of the trilogy follows the lives of
those who would resist a new tyranny by the Cartesian Powers (sometimes
referred to as the Cartesian Axis or simply Cartesians) and how they attempt to
do just that.

trilogy spans four generations and follows three (somehow interconnected)
families (the Bells, the Brooks and the family of Chief Dan of the Hopis of
Third Mesa) as well as introducing a wide cast of supporting characters and
geography including Toronto, Boston, Ambergris Caye, Bucharest, Langley
Airforce Base, St Jo’s Women’s Shelter in San Francisco, San Quentin, Austin,
New Orleans, Carthage, Shenyang or Shengjing (盛京), capital and largest city of Liaoning Province, Wreck
Beach, Vancouver, New Zealand, Stockholm, Hermosa Beach, University of
California, Berkeley,
Oregon (Umatilla National Forest), Luna Colony, Shackelton Crater, Mars Colony,
Europa, Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, Gabriola Island, Port Isabella, Free State
of Texas, Q-space and the Guatemala Highlands.

Trilogy is made up of nine parts, numbered I to IX. Each book contains three
parts, 16 chapters and one epilogue. The Trilogy finishes early in the 22nd
Century but there is a prequel chapter at the end that returns to the year
1929. The prequel follows real life quantum physicist Paul Dirac on his voyage
from Cambridge to America
and from there through the Panama Canal to Japan
before returning to England
via Siberia. He was accompanied on his journey
by Werner Heisenberg (author of the Uncertainty Principal for quantum
mechanics). Dirac and Heisenberg make a (relatively) short detour on their way
through the Panama Canal to Marcos Gonzalez on
Ambergris Caye. Their never-before-revealed voyage to Belize sets in
motion all that follows in Quantum Entity Trilogy. There is one final
Postscript with the last two reveals of the trilogy.

1 shows what it is like to conceive, found, grow and then defend a major tech
biz. Book 2 looks at what it takes to rescue a moribund economy after a great
reset and meltdown. Finally, Book 3 examines what it is like to organize a
massive project in resistance to those who would seek to dominate and enslave
the solar system and it also tries to answer big questions including are we
alone in the galaxy, where are other intelligent species, why don’t we see
them, what is the purpose of life and what’s next for humanity?


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