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Quantum Entity Trilogy–25 Stories about 25 Women and Girls, Their Roles & Origins


A brilliant, other-directed young physicist loved by two women—-one a performance artist from Palos Verdes and the other, a marcom graduate from prestigious Elmira College—unleashes unlimited bandwidth quantum phones and intelligent quantum entities on an unsuspecting world ushering in an unprecedented era of plenty but coming into conflict with entrenched commercial and governmental interests as quantum computing threatens to disable encryption algorithms which allow the Internet to resolve.

“…evil usually triumphs unless good is very, very careful,” Leonard McCoy

“…societies that respect women’s rights are the only places you would actually want to live in… men or women,” Bruce M Firestone

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Key characters:

1. Nell, performance artist, Palos Verdes, Calif

2. Ellen, marcom grad, Elmira College, upstate NY

3. Dafne, Nell’s publicist  

4. Elsu, Hopi from Third Mesa, Daniella’s mother

5. Wendy, one of Nell’s personal trainers, from LA  

6. Gillian, outfitter in Belize

7. Dakota, Belizean school girl, mother of José-Luis (JEL)

8. La’kisha, NYC judge

9. Arcadia, Austin skater, Jagad Durai’s bride  

10. Euphony, Wiccan leader, Vancity, Port Isabel, Guatemala, Zora’s mom

11. Zora, Berkeley grad, Zach’s mother  

12. Sabine, first (POTUS) daughter, Chief Nahuel’s spouse

13. Mary, Ellen’s BFF, Irish girl  

14. Aggie, Ellen’s mom, former NZ fire poi dancer

15. Daniella, urbanist, Nina’s mom  

16. Naya, actress, researcher, first of the Quanta people (Hannah)

17. Holly, warrior monk, Boston-San Fran-Port Isabel-Guatemala, Sean’s sister, Des’ mom  

18. KC, Atlanta-based reporter

19. Nina, coder, moto competitor, San Fran, Port Isabel, Q-space  

20. Rebecca, next door neighbor, San Fran, Sebastian’s mother

21. Delaney, teacher, Zoe’s and Altair’s mom, Port Isabel

22. Zoe, exobiologist, nebula traveler, Port Isabel, Altair’s older sister

23. Amy, United States General of the Army, responsible for homeland defense in Sol Way I

24. Altair, Chef, Restaurant Owner, Port Isabel-Guatemala, head of her friend-family

25. Marta, Altair’s sou-chef, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

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Bruce is an entrepreneur/real estate broker/developer/coach/urban guru/keynote speaker/Sens founder/novelist/columnist/peerless husband/dad.