Aug 16

Entity trilogy film and video

Here’s the
logline for the trilogy:

A brilliant, other-directed young physicist loved by two women—one a
performance artist from Palos Verdes and the other, a marcom graduate from
prestigious Elmira College—unleashes unlimited bandwidth quantum phones and
intelligent quantum entities on an unsuspecting world coming into conflict with
entrenched commercial and governmental interests.

This trilogy is really about the intermingled
stories of 25 women and girls. The above video will not
only give you a sense of the key characters, it will tell you something about the
geography of the trilogy.

This is the
first animation of what Quantum Entities look like coming out of your new smart
phone (called a Q-phone)

Here’s the author (moi) on the “Shotgun Show” talking about my work and writing  

Here’s the
27 minute student film based on book 1 It starts with the 1 and only drug scene in that book.
Sheesh. Watch it on
full screen after at least 1 glass of wine…

In book 3,
the forbidden love story of Magellan (Ellen and Damien’s son) and Nina is the
glue that holds the last part of the trilogy together. Here’s their story in

Like many
writers, I am driven by character visualization. So I created dozens of these
videos, mostly for me…

example, here’s one for Urban Nirvana, a novel I’m going to write next year

@ profbruce @ quamtum_entity

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