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Nov 06

Prof Bruce will be speaking at InvestorForum in Toronto on Saturday March 28th, 2015. His speech is entitled Retire Rich Retire Early. Topics he will cover include–

~Why 61/100 richest families in Canada have all or substantially all their wealth in real estate

~If it’s good enough for them, it’s probably good enough for you

~It’s the one retirement strategy that really works for the average person

~No finance? No excuse

~Find ways to improve returns by adding differentiated value and diversifying, which should include owning your own home, buying some residential rentals, investing in small commercial and holding some land…

~Learn to use new marketing via social media—earning people’s interest instead of buying it

~Main challenge? Fear. The longest journey is the one where u never take the 1st step. People think nothing of buying $100,000 of poor returning mutual funds but hesitate to buy a duplex or industrial condo with double digits returns


Come to Prof Bruce’s session and learn why 61 of the top 100 richest families have all or substantially all their money in real estate. Learn their secrets and apply them to develop your own double digit returning portfolio. Find out why real estate is probably the only viable retirement strategy for most people.

For more information and to register, please visit

@ profbruce

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