Prof Bruce Interviewed by 6th Sens About LeBreton Flats Development

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Feb 05

I spoke recently with 6th Sens founder Graeme Nichols about the two proposals to develop Ottawa’s LeBreton Flats.

You can listen to Graeme’s podcast on sound cloud. To hear my interview skip ahead to 35:19. Here’s the link,

Visit 6th Sens at

Here’s what Graeme had to say:

Well, here it is: episode four of The 6th Sens Podcast!

I recorded it sans @creecher1200 (you were missed, dude), but was joined on the show by‘s Travis Yost (@travisyost) and founder and first owner of the Ottawa Senators, Bruce Firestone (@ProfBruce).

With the revelation of the LeBreton’s Flats proposals, it was fitting
to get a little perspective from Bruce on the NCC and how he felt about
each of the two proposals, as well as the possibility of the Senators
developing their west end property or even retrofitting the Canadian
Tire Centre in the event that they lose the bid.

Bruce’s book, ‘Don’t Back Down: The real story behind the founding of
the Ottawa Senators’, has also recently become available in
paperback and can be purchased for $20. That $20 price also includes the
digital e-book version as well, so it’s a pretty damn good deal, so if
you’re  interested in the history of the Ottawa Senators or the
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