Sep 25

Pet3r, whose Quantum Number is 1

Here is a review of Quantum Entity | we are all ONE by Ananth Seshan, PhD, (Robotics and Automation), University of Toronto:

“Quantum Entity – We Are All ONE is a spectacular novel that presents an interesting view of a possible future social, economical and technological evolution on earth. The author has extrapolated existing state of the art and then takes the reader on a journey of adventure and exploration into an entirely new world where the objective, even though material in nature, borders on the spiritual – to make scarcity a scarcity! Spirituality may be an after thought, but the confluence of social, economic, technological and other elements in the book form quite the aesthetic. Only time will tell if QEs become a reality like Karel Capek’s concept of Robot in R.U.R., but if you are a science fiction lover, this is a must read!”

– Ananth Seshan, PhD, (Robotics and Automation), University of Toronto, September 2013.

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