Nov 17

Perpetual Motion

Had a dream last night about a perpetual motion machine. 

Question: how
could you get more energy out of a solar panel than falls on its surface
(without a concentrator)? 

Answer: if it had a super conducting substrate speckled with quantum dots that slows down


I made up the name of the compound that when mixed into the substrate speeds up time; I called it boronic. The more boronic, the faster time moves in the substrate, and the more energy that is produced. 

Are there any limits?

Sure there are. If you speed up time enough, you can produce enough energy to melt the components, so that’s one limit. 

The other is a possible environmental impact–maybe by speeding up substrate time on millions of solar cells could lead to unexpected negative outcomes, like, say, shortening the life of our son.

@ quantum_entity 

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