Ottawa versus Paris Streetscapes

By Bruce Firestone | Real Estate

Mar 21

What the hell is the matter with Canadian enterprises and building owners?

Why does an Ottawa streetscape I drove by yesterday look like this:


While a Paris one looks like this:


The Ottawa scene is a picture of Richmond road, one of the premiere addresses in Canada’s Capital City for shops, offices and residences. That is not a joke. It is for real but imagine how much more value could be created not only for residents and businesses (not to mention landlords/real estate investors/building owners/visitors/guests/clients/customers) but for the city as a whole if Ottawa followed the Paris model more closely.


Here’s a closer look at that Ottawa picture I took with my iPhone 6:


Why not at least add a couple of curbside patios for these businesses instead of having a useless grassy area and an asphalt jungle?

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