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Jul 17

OREIO, founded by John Walsh, has grown to a membership of over 400 people, brought together to learn more about investing and to support each other.

It is inexpensive to join and worthwhile in every way. Find out more at

Recently, I gave a keynote at their annual banquet titled–

From Hero
to Zero and Back Again, How to
really provide for yourself and your family by creating an amazing real estate
investment portfolio

I took these photos from the stage; people seemed to be paying attention!


It seemed to go well. Here are some nice words by OREIO president Victor Menasce about my presentation:

Many thanks
for a great keynote—we’ve had nothing but positive feedback from our membership.
Your messages around real estate animation,

reinvention and persistence hit home for many.
I was watching body language in the audience—the level of engagement was
extremely high, Victor Menasce,
US Real Estate
Partners managing partner, OREIO president, July 2016

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