Apr 18

New Profession is Born in LA… Sign Spinner

Only in LA could a new profession like this be born… pro sign spinners, guys who make $17 per hour, enough to drag themselves and their families out of poverty.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czxSRqXD8BI]

“At the forefront of the sport is AArrow Sign Spinners, a Los
Angeles-based company that was an early pioneer of the twirling, tossing and
tapping of signs on roadsides around America. The company, started by
two young Californian entrepreneurs in 2002, says it currently employs around
2,600 people with an average age of 16 to 25. Seasoned sign spinners can make
up to $20 an hour, though most start out at half that. While no one has become
fabulously wealthy spinning signs, the income, some employees say, has been
enough to lift them out of poverty.”

Read more at, https://qz.com/661576/to-these-guys-sign-spinning-isnt-just-a-job-its-a-calling/

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