New Ontario Feed-In-Tariff Program

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Aug 17

Ontario is at it again. A new FIT program is coming. Here’s a summary by Nick Thomson of Jazz Solar Solutions:

The Ontario FIT
program has as an objective to stimulate development of renewable energy (Jazz’s interest is solar) in the 10kW to 500kW project size.

They accept
applications and grant contracts to project applicants based on a number of
criteria.  IESO contracts run for 20 years during which time they purchase electricity generated using solar at $0.384 kWh.

JAZZ targets larger systems, 200kW and greater as anything smaller has lower returns.


Installations can
either be rooftop or ground mount:

o      Rooftop systems are simpler as they as they are typically not restricted
by zoning. 

o      Ground mount are subject to zoning, soil type and setback
constraints.  Must not be in residential areas or on agricultural land.

o      All projects are subject to hydro capacity availability (must have
access to 3-phase power and 15kV+ lines). This is more problematic for
rural ground installations than for urban sites.

For pitched roofs, roughly 1,000 sq ft per 10kW is required and for flat roofs 2,000 sq ft per 10kW. 


size 200kW 



roof 20,000 sq ft 30,000 sq ft 50,000 sq ft


40,000 sq ft 

60,000 sq ft 

100,000 sq ft

Land leases for
ground mount systems require leasing from 5-7 acres and power production is dependent on topography and tree cover.

The FIT 4
application window starts on Sept 30th, 2015 and runs for three  weeks.

The IESO gives preference to applications
from partnerships with municipalities, cooperatives and First Nations (FNs) in
the application process. 

If you are a building owner or landowner, and would like to generate more net revenue from your rooftops or property, you can get more information from: Nick Thomson JAZZ Solar Solutions Tel: 613.288.5299 x 205 Mob: 613.406.9844.

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