Nov 05

New Online Venture on Amazon




I am starting a new online venture on Amazon—it’s a series of books on real estate, business, entrepreneurship and the future. 

The purpose of the series is to give back to society. People often work hard for many years and end up with no solid pension or savings or investments. I want to help put an end to that. Therefore, my real estate books sell for just $2.99. 

You could help me kickstart sales of the first book in the series (Real Estate Investing Made Easy—How to Get Rich, For Real) by going to Amazon via this link ( and getting your copy now. It’s important to get early sales on Amazon in order to push the book up the rankings. Even more important is a positive review of the book. After your purchase and after you’ve read it, can you please go back and review it for me? This is sure to boost its ranking. 

This new venture has been a lot of fun although I’m still learning the ropes on Amazon. If anyone else would like to try writing about something you love and have expertise in, please let me know and I will gladly hook you up with the folks at AK Publisher ( who are helping me.  

Lastly and most important of all, if you could ask your friends to help too I would be grateful.  

Thank you,

Prof Bruce

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About the Author

Bruce is an entrepreneur/real estate broker/developer/coach/urban guru/keynote speaker/Sens founder/novelist/columnist/peerless husband/dad.