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Feb 08

earning trust rather than buying it

Keynote by Bruce M Firestone, PhD


On the 21st of March 2006 at 9:50 pm PST, the world of marketing changed. That was the moment when Jack Dorsey sent out this message, “Just setting up my twttr.”


Before that night, marketing was still heavily dominated by MSM (main stream media) together with some Internet-age channels such as blogs, email newsletters and websites.

Former student Jennifer Schweers successfully launched her wedding photography business with just $500 worth of Facebook ads. She targeted women in her area that had changed their status from single to engaged. 

Young Reid Jones took his family’s toy store to a whole new level, also using Facebook’s advertising platform. His approach was ambush marketing. Whenever one of his larger competitors’ Facebook pages said, “Sorry, we’re temporarily out of stock for this item,” one of Reid’s ads would show up alongside.

When IT expert and famous author Ryan North launched Project Wonderful, a democratic advertising engine, it was profitable after just ten days. His secret? Let advertisers name a price they’re willing to pay for space on a content creator’s website, and then publish it so that others can bid the price (up or down).

When a small township wanted to help promote business growth in their county, they got every business including every micro business to register with Google+ so that more of them would show up in searches including map ones.

What is new marketing?

The best definition of new marketing is perhaps this: any form of communication that relies on earning people’s trust rather than buying it.


Trust is the missing link. 

Marketing builds a brand, which creates an aura of trust around a product or service, and trust creates an opportunity to make a sale in a separate sales process. Sales generates more funds for additional marketing in a virtuous cycle. 

Prof Bruce lays out, in case after case, how enterprises are effectively engaging audiences in new ways. He talks about ROI, negative cost marketing, market channel development, reverse marketing to your supply chain, and how to bundle other (third party) services into your offerings so they become complimentary sales channels for you and vice versa–it’s a form of co-branding.


Whether you are a for profit business, a not-for-profit, a NGO, a charity or a town or city trying to grow your local economy, this keynote by Prof Bruce will introduce so many new ideas that really work, you’ll have to invite him back for an encore…


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