Nov 23

Nells’ Folly, original music and lyrics by Chris Brydges


Images by from their short film based on the book Quantum Entity, We Are All ONE by Bruce M Firestone 

Nell’s Folly

(Sung by Chris Brydges)

     G                                               D

My light now comes from the North Star;

      G                                     D

my Pilot when I’m lost at sea

                   G                    D  Bm A

and the shore it seems just so far

        G          A                 Bm

and lost and alone I will be

              G                              D

The darkness of all of the People

              G                                   D

is a space that is no space at all

                    G                                     D

and our church that now has no steeple

      Bm         A                     G

to rally the world to our call




Bm                 A                       G

Successors come from the ones

                  G                                 D

who are neither so big or too small

              Bm      A                      G

find peace, peace without guns

        G       A                 Bm

and love, love above all


The drums of old are long gone

we swim, but just like a stone

our future is just but a bright hope

that leaves me feeling alone




Generations will not comprehend

only chiefs and ancestors will see

that time is endless, and will bend

till all crown him lord on one knee





                   Em       Bm               A           G

I would pay for peace, I must pray for love

           Bm                   Em       G                       A

and wait on hope, hope that comes from above


I know there’s no heaven to wait

and the one that will come unto me

will suffer the act of pure hate

       Em            Bm                 A

and still there’s none that will see



                     G          D                           Bm                              G

So I sing a song of redemption and wait on humanity’s fate…



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