Feb 28

Near Perfect Product Pitch by David & Goliath Creative Agency

Probably one of the most perfect pitches ever is the Kia commercial for the Soul:

1. It tells a story about the importance of fitness for three overweight human-sized hamsters, and guess what, selling is telling;

2. It involves humor, slapstick, beauty, and even invokes pathos when one of the hamsters accidentally falls during his treadmill workout (while ogling a girl);

3. It has a fabulous, memorable tagline, All Buff No Fluff, which applies (eventually) not only to the three principal non-human characters but to the product they are trying to brand;

4. It associates the product with victory and reward;

5. It is set to a terrific pop tune;

6. It even uses co-branding–look carefully and you will see that magazines two of the “lads” are holding in the beauty salon (where they are getting their fur done) are major national titles;

7. The body language of the hamsters–tired, sweaty, in-a-rush, physical comedy, groovin’ to the music, floating on top of the world, dance step, smoothing fur, looking over sunglasses and relating to unseen audience as well as winking at them–very difficult to write a script for that;

8. Subtle touches like the sound a kiss makes (when Hammie No 1 kisses a girl’s hand) are important–they give the story more depth;

9. Best of all, when you get 13,857,004 bonus views* on YouTube, this can be classified as guerrilla marketing–smart marketing where brains substitutes for (just) money;

10. This also opens up the possibility for both the car company and the agency to make money from their own ads (via Google’s rather miserly offering of a share of YT advertising revenues to content creators–ads for ads so to speak).

11. It also makes it possible for the agency to change its pricing model–they could charge their client a few cents for every YT view, every favorite on Twitter, every like on Fb and so forth, creating a continuing/recurring revenue stream for them much like actors may get residuals every time their work is shown (not sure if that applies to hamsters);

12. Creativity counts but only if you make it so;

13. You’ve heard how for many creative persons, death is a career move, which means creative people have to: a) understand and be able to quantity the value they create so b) they can obtain a fairer share of that value;

14. Vincent van Gogh’s Portrait of Dr Gachet sold for $82.5 million in 1990 but he died a pauper 100 years earlier/don’t let that be you.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsJiGF_Groo]


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(* as of Feb 28, 2014)

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