Feb 27

My Two Favorite Witches, Samantha and Endora

I am re-watching early 1970s-era Bewitched on Netflix. In 24 minutes of television, they give their characters more depth and their stories more complexity than practically anything done with sitcoms since (All in the Family excepted).

Being a witch married to a mortal, Samantha has broken a covenant with her people by entering into a “mixed marriage”. There are many such layers to their storytelling buried (unfortunately) beneath an obnoxious laugh track.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt your eyes either–watching a perky Elizabeth Montgomery (Sam) and an incomparable Agnes Moorehead (Endora) perform is quite bearable.

If you are a writer, take good notes. 

Obviously, those responsible for the 2005 Hollywood remake with the lamentable Nicole Kidman and the execrable Will Ferrell never watched the original series or, if they did, learned nothing from the experience.


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