Jun 11

My New Home Office

My new home office is in my garage. 

It has:

-its own mandoor

-insulated garage door (R12 they tell me) that still operates so in the summer I can work kind of like I live in Hawaii (where you are never really sure if you are inside or outside a building they so cleverly blend indoor spaces with the public room)

-lights (aka windows) in the garage door to provide some daylighting

-an epoxy floor (guaranteed for 20 years)

-a gas heater on an outside wall

-insulated and drywalled

Next up?

A small outside identification sign (please note, like CVs, the smaller the sign (the shorter the CV), the more important the company/person) and a carport.


Not quite up to JR Ewing’s standards, I’m afraid, but works for me…

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