May 07

My Friend Steve Liao Says Canada Construction Timetables Take Some Getting Used to

My friend,

über Century 21 Explorer Realty agent Steven Liao, says Canadian construction timetables take some getting used to, as in you need to be mega patient while waiting endlessly for projects to get approved and be completed in this nation. 

Take for example the Vimy Memorial Bridge (previously the Strandherd-Armstrong Bridge) in Ottawa. First proposed in 1993, its design was finally approved by the NCC in 2009, and construction began in 2010. Completion date was set for 2012, but the original contractor (ConCreate USL) went broke, and it wasn’t finished/opened until July 2014.


By comparison, Steven has seen 50-story towers completed in a single month in mainland China and 200 meters of new roadway completed in a single overnight (7-hour) shift.

Patience is the art of concealing your impatience, Guy Kawasaki

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