Modern Era Business Plan

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Jun 26

A modern era business plan is no longer a 30-page written-out document with 15 pages of appendices mainly showing how your great startup will have hockey-stick curve sales in the millions a few years out.

Now it’s a colorful largely pictorial document with a message map, YouTube recorded elevator pitch in it plus a 21st century business model that shows how your highly differentiated, innovative startup fits into an exciting all-boats-are-rising ecosystem.

I’ve coached several hundred businesses from tech to real estate as well as many
charities and not-for-profits. If you are starting a new biz, here are some of
the steps you probably should take: 

1. create a message map, 

2. record your elevator pitch

on YouTube (listed, unlisted or private)

3. build a modern business model that differentiates you from your competition/be creative and innovative/ make your own rules

4. look at what resources you’ll need—HR (hire up!) and finance being chief amongst

5. figure out a MMB, a magic marketing button or an “easy” button—how you are going to cost effectively find clients and customer, 

6. work on
sales/pre-sales—SELL SELL SELL, 

7. set aggressive goals, 

8. control costs, 

self-capitalize/bootstrap as much as you can

under promise/over deliver, 

11. don’t over plan new ways to do things
as u go along/dump losers and keep winners, 

12. have faith in yourself/BE

Those are the main steps. I wrote more on this at,

If you need help with advice, my coaching page is at or contact me brucefirestone @

@ profbuce @ qauntum_entity

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