Meet in the Middle

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Feb 27

Nick Cripps, a talented real estate broker, sent me this tool called “Let’s meet in the middle.”

If you are meeting a couple of friends for lunch and want to know what’s the midpoint, you can use this to find out,


But for realtors, it’s even better–say a client has a daughter attending Algonquin, and they are both professors (one at the University of Ottawa and the other at Carleton), and they are purchasing a new home. Where’s the mid point between these three coordinates?

Here’s then where to look for a place:


For those who know Ottawa, you will realize it’s given an answer that isn’t feasible–the middle of the experimental farm (a national institution), but we could look at Carlington to the west or Centretown west and be pretty close.

Impress your clients with your geo-spatial knowledge! 

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