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Dec 11

Want to impress clients with your perspicacity?

Want to intricate yourself into their business ecosystem?

Want to become indispensable to them?

How about doing simple things like remembering and documenting who your clients’ clients and clients’ suppliers are?

How about creating a password protected document containing all their vital information like user IDs, passwords, credit cards, tenants etc?

So if, say, you are a real estate lawyer, you don’t have to ask them over and over again:

-remind me who’s your mortgage broker?

-remind me who’s your banker?

-can you send me a photo of your driver’s license and one other photo ID so I can prove to Fintrac you’re not a money launderer?

-can I have a copy of a personal check/cheque for monthly mortgage payments?

-what’s your home address again where I can send a copy of my report?

-can you remind me one more time who did the appraisal on your home?

Or if you are a property manager, record in a password protected document:

-names, addresses, telephone numbers and emails of your clients’ tenants

-tenants’ bank info and credit card info

-user IDs and passwords they may be using if they are on services like airbnb or flipkey

-names of and contact info for their suppliers (contractors, renovators, repair persons, hot water tank rental company, cleaners etc)

-dozens of other details.

Keeping clients happy is about under-promising and over-delivery. This is true in every business not just the legal one and the property management industry I talk about above. Sometimes that as simple as never have to ask them the same question twice.

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ps how to password protect a word document,

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