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Jan 11

How to Fight Depression

Here are 12 recipes for fighting depression which affects many northern shelf populations at this time of the year (during their darkest winter months)—

1. exercise,

2. eat right,

3. get enough sleep,

4. confide in a trusted confidante,

5. cultivate supportive relationships amongst positive people,

6. stay away from alcohol and drugs,

7. develop an affirmative inner voice,

8. have some fun,

9. get some sunlight, be in nature, log out of reality,

10. care for a pet,

11. engage in a creative pursuit,

12. nurture your religious or spiritual beliefs.

@ Prof Bruce

January 2014

ps. thanks to 13-year old, home schooled Logan Laplante for the term “log out of reality”. Here is his TED talk–

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h11u3vtcpaY]

pps. thanks to Nic Bott of https://pondclinic.com/ for bringing Logan’s TED talk to my attention. The slogan “log out of reality” is so strong that I suggested Nic use it for the pond clinic which does exactly that for its clients in their urban backyards no less.





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