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Jan 02

the release of Quantum Entity | we are all ONE in June of 2012 and now with
Book 2 nearly complete (Quantum Entity | American Spring will be released in
March 2013), I get asked, ‘Are these some type of new novel—possibly Learning
Outcome ones?’ I don’t know for sure but there certainly are a lot of learning
outcomes in Book 1 (more than 835 of them) and, while there are fewer in Book 2
(just over 600), it is still a big number.

Maybe it is pretentious to call
these a new type of novel. But looking at the three main types of novel—genre (horror, sci-fi, fantasy, crime, mystery,
thriller, romance, pulp, graphic, historical, action and adventure, western,
children, young adult, teen), literary(artsy) and mainstream (bestseller)—perhaps Quantum Entity
Trilogy is unique. I know that when I started out on my journey to tell a
multi-generational story of three somehow interconnected families (the Bells,
the Brooks and the Hopi of Third Mesa, Nell’s people) that perhaps this trilogy
could be different and yet still be part (albeit at an extreme edge) of a
continuum of work that had gone before.

from day one, I had in mind that in addition to the five main themes of Book 1
(i. a biz story, ii. a political and legal one, iii. science, science
speculation, science fiction, engineering and technology story, iv. action and
adventure and v. love story) there would be some teaching going on. Then to my
surprise, a sixth theme evolved—it became a spiritual and mystical novel which
will become even more apparent, especially when we get to Books 2 and 3.

readers learn anything from Book 1 about business, science, engineering, urban
planning and design, yoga, natural philosophy, sound engineering, startups,
entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, product management, Mayan culture, the
Internet, business models, weather forecasting, history, politics, law,
economics, statistics, military culture, PR, media, art, architecture, NLP, HR,
venture capital, creditor proofing, agriculture, ultralighting, hang gliding,
whitewater rafting, quantum physics or Hopi ways, I am pleased. At the end of
Book 1, I included a List of Learning Outcomes for easier reference should
anyone ever wish to revisit some of the concepts I introduce there.

turned out to be impossible to include reliably accurate page numbers and make
the thing a true index because when you are publishing across many e-platforms
(iBooks, iTunes, Amazon, Smashwords and more) and for many e-devices (iPad,
Nook, Kobo, Kindle, Sony Reader, etc.) and creating paperbacks as well as
hardcovers using Lulu.com and Createspace, there is just no way to have a
stable document. At least with e-readers u can use some kind of ctl F or find
function to refer to a subject of interest.

will try to bring two main additional learning outcomes (one each) to Book 2
(American Spring) and Book 3 (The Successors). What these are, please be
patient, all will be revealed in time.

think it may be possible to entertain and educate at the same time; I certainly
hope so for that is my intent. But I can understand the dichotomy and see why
some critics may dismiss this as undeliverable or worse, a form of edutainment,
which I also disdain. I think I will let my readers come to their own
conclusions as to the degree of success or lack thereof that I have provided
for them…


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