Oct 21
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Learn Your Life Purpose in 5 Easy Steps and in Less Than 5 Minutes

A lesson from Adam Leipzig.

I tried Adam’s formula. This is what I came up with for myself. You can try it too…

1. Answer this question in less than five seconds: who are you?


2. Again, in less than five seconds: what do you do/what is the one thing you feel completely qualified to teach other people?

-successful real estate investing

3. Who do you do it for?

-everyone who doesn’t have or isn’t going to have a pension (which is about 80% of Americans and Canadians)

4. What do those people want or need that they can come to you for?

-how to be successful real estate investors

5. How do they change or transform as a result of what you give them?

-they feel more confident and secure about their future and their family’s future

Mr Leipzig says, “If you make other people happy, you will be happier too. Be an outward-facing person instead of inward-facing.”

Lastly, he suggests that when people ask you what you do, you don’t tell them what your school credentials are or give them your job title or the name of the company you work for. Instead, give them the answer you gave to question number 5. 

So my answer would be something like this, “I coach people on how to take care of themselves and their families through real estate investing.”

Out of Adam’s 5 questions, 3 are about other people, which is as it should be…

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