Lady Di and the fish

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Aug 31
[Today (August 31, 2017) is the 20th anniversary of the passing of Lady Diana. Here is my story about why, other than for the obvious fact of her untimely and unnecessary death, I remember that day and night so well.]

I’ve created waterfront property in my career–lots of it.

Want to know how?

I dig nature ponds.

Ontario is blessed with one thing–an abundance of water–not just uncountable rivers and lakes but unmeasurable amounts of groundwater that’ll be around until the sun boils this planet in a giant supernova a few billion years from now, an ending that even Elon Musk won’t be able to avoid.

Here’s an aerial photo of a lake I dug in Dunrobin when it was nearly completed; it took 17 years to finish (using a diesel electric shovel) removing 1.1 million tons of sand (which we sold for $1.05 per ton net, FOB Dunrobin for cable laying, back-fill and, later, golf course top dressing and sand traps). We basically uncovered a lake that had been buried by sand at the end of the last glacier period (about 10,000 years ago):


The afteruse of the sandpit was as a residential subdivision. The lake (now called Dunrobin Lake naturally) is fed by an artesian well and underground streams filtered through thousands of meters of sand and sandstone.

Water quality (we test it every year) is better than any brand of bottled water you can buy in a store, trust me, I know.

Here’s what it looks like today:


It’s a great spot for swimming, sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding… everything except no motor-powered craft of any kind are permitted.

I added large mouth bass to Dunrobin Lake, in part, to control mosquitoes and bloodsuckers.

I remember that particular day well–it was the day Princess Di passed, August 31st 1997.

At 10:30 pm, I stood alone beside my lake on a beautifully clear summer night (having just learned the Princess of Wales was dead) pouring the large mouth bass we had caught earlier in the day into their new boundless (to them) virgin domain. While there, I said a silent prayer for Lady Di and for my fish.

The 20th anniversary of her death is upon us and I can report that Diana’s fish are flourishing beyond my best hopes. I am sure she is looking out for them…

Here’s Shaun showing off his catch before releasing the princess’ fish back to the lake.


Anyhow, here’re a few more lots where I’ve dug ponds, and, happy news, every time I’ve added one, property values have gone up plus our ponds are natural wonders–providing habitat for bird life and fish as well as watering holes for wildlife.


Here’re two of my kids fishing at Dunrobin Lake:


And more kids swinging on the rope drop I built there:


Here’s the original concept plan I found on one of my computers for Dunrobin Lake:


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