Apr 25

Keeping Elders Active and Engaged

My friend 

Debbie Abfalter (pictured above, lower right with lady in glasses) runs Seniors Solution, a service helping to keep elders active and engaged. This is incredibly important.

My late father, Professor OJ Firestone, told me before he passed, “Bruce, never retire. You may change what you do as you age, but never, ever retire. How much TV or golf does anyone really want to watch/play? Keep going instead.”

In my experience, a lot of my friends who took early retirement to do nothing lost their mental sharpness in just a few months and many have gone prematurely to their maker.

So, dear dad, we hear you.

Go Debbie! Go Seniors Solution!

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Seniors Solution, a Phoebe Services partner, https://www.brucemfirestone.com/phoebe-services/

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