Justintime Trudeau Announces New Foreign Policy Initiative for Nation

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Dec 31

on March 21, 2013

Canada to Annex Ecuador

(March 18, 2013)—Newly elected Liberal leader, Justintime Trudeau, announced
today that if elected Prime Minister he will introduce a new foreign policy
initiative—the annexation of Ecuador.

is my government’s view that Canada
and Canadians must look south to solve recurring weather-related economic
issues. Today, I am setting out a bold five step plan to mitigate this
important challenge that all Canadians face together—

After each New Year’s Eve, all Canadians will henceforth travel south for the
months of January, February and March returning north when better weather
arrives in April of each year.

This is an opportunity that should be shared equally by all Canadians whatever
their income or housing status and, to that end, the Government of Canada will be
introducing the Fairness in Travel Act in the next session of Parliament. This
new Bill will provide each Canadian with an annual taxable grant of $3,000 per
month (total of $9,000) to assist them with and offset some of their travel

A skeleton crew of volunteers will be stay behind in Canada to maintain vital
infrastructure and the built environment of this country so ordinary Canadians
will not have to worry about returning to homes and businesses destroyed by
fire or other misadventure.

The after tax cost to Federal and Provincial Treasuries will be approximately
$116 billion annually. However, our Government intends to enter into immediate
negotiations with the Democratic Republic of Ecuador with a view to having the
great nation of Ecuador
join our Federation as its 11th Province. If these negotiations are not
successful, the Government of Canada will move to annexation.

After joining Canada, Ecuador’s GDP
will jump from around $68 billion CAD to more than $184 billion and its
population from 14.7 million to 49.1 million during winter months.”

Canadian Engineer Gord Poole speaks out on how
to turn a raw piece of land in paradise (Hola Ecuador) into a thriving seaside

Trudeau’s announcement today at the Bell Centre was widely welcomed by a throng
of well wishers. He passionately called upon his followers in the audience and
on Twitter to right an historic wrong that Tories and Joe
(Prime-Minister-for-a-day) Clark made when they timidly refused to annex the
Turks and Caicos in 1979 even after a non-binding referendum there showed more
than 60% of their population wished to join Canada. Whipped into a frenzy, Bell
Centre fans poured out of the home of Les Glorieux to march along René Lévesque Boulevard
whereupon a riot broke out and windows in more than 30 stores and businesses
were shattered. Montreal
riot police in full gear arrested more than 50 celebrants.

asked, “Why Ecuador?” Mr. Trudeau answered this way, “Hola! It’s a peaceful
democracy like Canada with
great cities, cultures and history, amazing bio diversity, fantastic Pacific
coastline plus ownership and stewardship of the Galapagos
Islands. It is close to the equator with mild weather year-round
and no hurricanes. Most importantly, real estate in Ecuador
is a fraction of the cost elsewhere in Latin America or the Caribbean and
Canadians will be able to live there at Ecuador prices but with gringo

Trudeau urged Canadians to go to https://canada.gc.ca/ and sign up right away
for their free grant.

For more information, please contact:

Mr. Justintime Trudeau 


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