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Jenna’s Story ~The true tale of Jenna and the lumans~

A new book by Bruce M Firestone, PhD

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go,” TS Eliot


This is the true tale of Jenna
McConnell, a research student in the University of South Carolina Upstate’s department of
education, whom we first meet during the summer of 2172 while she’s working as
a senior staffer at We Camp Montana.

We Camp Montana
is the first in a chain of similar operations created by San Francisco-based founder
Tom Hatch, who on a routine tour of his mini empire now worth billions, meets
Ms McConnell. Shortly thereafter, they begin a disastrous (for Mr Hatch) relationship.

We Camp has somehow learned how
to turn troubled or overweight or hyperactive kids around by getting them
involved in active learning situations—they not only learn lessons, they’re
able to internalize them to the point where they can act independently to the
everlasting amazement of their parents.

Nearly everyone
has a field generator implanted at the base of their neck at the top of their
spine, usually around the time they start walking and talking—so they can learn
to control it instead of, say, using it to destroy a city.

It’s unobtrusive—these
fields (sometimes called shields) are smart, embedded pretty much everywhere, without
any moving parts and largely invisible. Houses, furnishings, vehicles, even
clothes are generated by fields so they can change shape, color, content, in
just a few seconds or micro seconds as different apps from the universal field
generator platform are deployed. They can do much more besides.

Jenna, however, is one of the abolitionists—a
growing group of people who oppose use of personal field generators because of
their unknown longterm health impacts, and the fact that a life lived inside a
protective bubble is one that is lacking in creativity, ambition and real

Her involvement in the
abolitionist movement along her own complicated personal situation take a toll
on both her and those closest to her. There is desire, betrayal, madness and

Finally, Jenna is patient zero in a strange
and terrible yet wonderful “plague” that visits the planet, which is somehow
related to the mysterious origins of Tom. It divides humans into three
groups—lumans, delumans and the unchanged. A war ensues as it will whenever you
have the number 3 involved in human affairs.

Jenna’s future is
resolved in a way that surprises everyone, especially her.

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About the Author

Bruce is an entrepreneur/real estate broker/developer/coach/urban guru/keynote speaker/Sens founder/novelist/columnist/peerless husband/dad.