Sep 04

Innovative Financing Comes to Real Estate

My friends at Tembo Financial in Toronto have jumped in to help entrepreneurs finance their real estate projects; eg, 

1.       A client who has sold their house and
now needs to make a purchase but has no money available to put down a deposit
when making an offer to purchase. Therefore, instead of waiting for their sale
to close, Tembo can advance them some of the proceeds of sale so that they can
secure their next home.

2.       Tembo can advance equity to a client
so they can renovate their new home or perhaps make repairs and renovate their
existing home for sale or resale. This should help them sell faster and for more.

3.       Great tool for entrepreneurs who flip
houses and need to close ASAP so that they can move onto their next project and
purchase their next flip. Now they can close at a future date and
receive their equity as soon as they have sold firm.

4.       Typical bridge financing – if a
client needs to close their purchase prior to their sale closing.

5.   Excellent tool for clients who have purchased
new condos and need to come up with final closing deposit but have not yet sold
their home.

is an alternative open-minded equity focused lender. Contact them with any
questions at 1-844-238-6717 or visit the website at

@ profbruce @ quantum_entity

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