Aug 26

In My Next Life I Want a Window Clock Like This

Here’s the data on this apartment for sale in Brooklyn from

$18 million, Dumbo, Brooklyn

are three bedrooms and three and a half baths in this triplex aerie on
top of the Clock Tower building in Brooklyn’s Dumbo (Down Under the
Manhattan Bridge Overpass) neighborhood. A private elevator entrance
opens onto the main floor, which features four 14-foot-tall glass clocks
overlooking the city. 

More details from

If you want to create extra value in your real estate portfolio, you can add special touches that are uniquely yours. They don’t have to be as expensive as this, but what about just naming your buildings or actually adding a transparent battery driven clock to a window or a bench near the front door with a seat that opens so your clients can store stuff inside or just a foundation stone or plaque like this one we use:


Not a bad view either from that Dumbo Brooklyn penthouse triplex:


It’s worth spending 2+ minutes taking a video tour. It is a visitable home in the sense it has a 3-story elevator in it. By the way, the window clocks work too…


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