Sep 03

In 1991, I stood on the Huntmar overpass with architect Gino Rossetti. Gino designed the Palace of Auburn Hills (where the Detroit Pistons play) and became the architect of record for what would eventually be named the Canadian Tire Centre.

That cold day in 1991, he said, “What a great site for your new building, Bruce, but the highway (417) needs to be widened.”

I replied, “Gino, you know that and I know that but you can never say that again out loud to anyone else.”

“Why is that?”

“Because if you do, the Province of Ontario will make us pay for it.”


Postscript: It was bad enough that we had to pay $30 million for the Palladium interchange, still the only such interchange in the Province built with private money.

Postscript 2: MTO finally got round to widening the highway in 2012/13/14.

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