Apr 26

If You Want Your Store to be Successful Spend Almost Outside as You do Inside

If you look at the above photoset, you will see that successful restaurateur Nick Lambros spent quite a bit of his fit-up budget on the exterior of the building where the Brew Table is.

The Brew Table, successor to Darcy McGee’s, followed at least three other restaurant in this location that were not successful.

How did Nick turn it around?

By pimping the exterior of the building:



-total repaint

-new lighting

-great signage

-flower baskets galore

It’s not complicated–you have to express to the outside world what is happening inside.

No one thought Nick could succeed. What did he see that everyone else missed? 

-a location that was close to a major employment node (Nortel in its heyday)

-the opportunity to animate the building and thus to announce to the world, something new, something branded was happening inside

If you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars (some restaurants are now in the millions) fitting up your new store, why not reserve some funds for what is in effect a 24/7/365 ad that never stops working for you–your exterior walls.

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