Dec 02

I recently met Greg O’Donnell, broker of record and founder of the above noted Ottawa-based company.

I told Greg I liked his name and logo and he offhandedly informed me that both were by George Lois.

“Whaaat?” I stuttered in surprise.

George is a world-renowned marketing and branding guru living and working in NYC. 

“How did you…?”

Greg answered, “I just called his office up, and got to speak to an assistant. I actually never thought I would be able to see the great man, let alone persuade him to help me name and brand my fledgling enterprise but whatever… I thought I’d try. The guy said, ‘Send me an email’ so I did sure that would be the end of it.

"But a few days later, I get a call asking me to come to New York on Thursday. So I went. I was ushered into a boardroom and, behold, there is George (now in his 80s) who says, ‘Here’s your name and logo.’ And so it was.”

I asked Greg how much Mr Lois charged, but he declined to say with a wry smile.

I’d bet Greg is the only person in Ottawa who can say his brand was built by George Lois. As another friend, author and keynote speaker Majeed Mogharreban says, “It’s OK to ask. In fact, you have the right to ask.

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