How to Really Find and Get a Great Job

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Mar 24

(Guest post by Dave Perry, author of Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0)

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  1. Start with clarity – who do you want to work for/with?
    1. Top20 companies.
    2. Consider sending deploying a Targeted Facebook ad Campaign and using a chain letter email to do recon on your Top 20 List.
    3. Market your Top 3 skills they will buy.
    4. Stop applying for jobs and start applying to companies.
    5. Find out who is the hiring manager that can say ‘yes’ to hiring you?
    6. Network with the Newly Departed (ppl who used to work there) to understand the co.’s issues.  {Google the concept}
    7. Prepare a 1-page resume that targets their issues that you can solve. Send that with a cover letter that addresses their issues.
    8. Be prepared to follow up what you send out creatively – ie. prepare your voice mail and email scripts ahead of time based on your skills and their needs, so you just execute until you get the meeting/interview.



  1. Create your LinkedIn profile
    1. Use key words that describe the skills that an employer/recruiter would plunk in to the ‘search’ box in LinkedIn. Ex: electrical engineer, Ottawa, java
    2. Complete your entire profile. List your activities and awards if you have them.
    3. Sign up at and so the jobs will start coming to you and you don’t waste time on the job boards.
    4. Take your Top 20 companies and prepare “Google Alerts” so you know what’s going on all the time with them.
    5. Get recommendations on your LI profile
    6. Connect to 500 People.
    7. If you have a twitter Profile, Blog etc, connect them to your LI profile.
    8. Have a great, professional picture in your LI profile.  Not a selfie!

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