How to raise a down payment for a home fast

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Mar 05

Most advisers will tell you that the best way to get a down payment for a home is to cut your monthly costs. They’re partly right. 

But you may also want to consider boosting your revenues by:

-starting a business, a PB4L (personal business for life), to earn extra income

-issuing script in that business (similar to gift certificates)

-getting a 2nd job

-asking for a raise at your day JOB

-borrowing from your famdamily, rich uncle Buck

-doing a mad river deal with an investor (a type of financing where you put up, say, $10,000 in equity and your investor also puts up $10,000 in equity but lends the balance needed as a 2nd mortgage) so you can own 50% of a home… once you own two, it’s equivalent to owning one on your

-using a mortgage broker with connections to secondary lenders (with higher loan to value ratios than traditional banks will provide) and second mortgages 

-starting a family savings plan to support both homeownership and
PB4L startups within the family

-starting a forced monlthy savings plan with a 2nd signature
required for withdrawals

-buying a home with a rental apartment in it and use other
animations to increase your monthly cashflow

Other things you might do (mostly on the savings side) include:

-consolidate your debt/pay off your credit cards/freeze your credit cards in a bowl of water like a lawyer I know so every time he wants to use them, he has to wait 8 hours for them to unfreeze by which time his urge to splurge is gone…

-move in with your folks or into a less expensive rental

-make your own lunches

-cut back on vacations, presents, restaurants etc

-retire your pet

-sell stuff you’ve collected but don’t need anymore

-get rid of cable and landline

-sell your car and take public transit, walk more or buy an electric scooter, which typically costs about 50 cents to charge and goes 40 klicks (see:

@ profbruce on his e-bike

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