How To Profit From Government Development Projects

By Bruce Firestone | Uncategorized

Mar 10

I have a theory.

Governments should do nothing other than:

  • Provide for and protect public order
  • Set up policy frameworks to guide and curb the worst of human behaviors
    (of which, unfortunately, there are many), and
  • Take care of the poorest part of their populations to provide for greater equality of opportunity (but not outcomes)

That’s it.

Everything else should be done by the private sector.

Governments are just bad at the doing of anything – especially development projects.

Do It Yourself and Save 91%

When the Sens hockey team inhabited Ottawa’s downtown rink (the Civic
Centre) for three and a half years, the city generously volunteered to
build some private suites in their building for us.

They figured they could install 16 skyboxes for a mere $12 million.

The Sens said, “Err, excuse me, do you mind if we do it ourselves?”

We retrofitted their building installing 42 suites for a total of
about $2.9 million including full F,F&E (Furniture, fitup and

That’s $69,000 per suite versus $750,000 if the city did it.

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