Nov 21

How to Keep a Positive Attitude

One day, Palos Verdes-based performance artist, Nell, is sitting with Chief Dan of the Hopi in a three-sided lean-to high above Third Mesa (that’s in Arizona near Four Corners). Nell asks the chief how he keeps such a positive attitude in the face of some implacable problems he and their tribe currently face.

“I have two dogs–”

“I didn’t know you kept dogs, Chief,” Nell interrupts.

Dan winces. He’s a chief and does not like being interrupted. “These are dogs you cannot see, Nell.”

“Oh,” says Nell.

“One is a good dog, one very bad. They fight each other every day–”

“Which one wins?” Nell blithely breaks in again.

Chief Dan sighs, “Depends on which one I feed.”


(Based on a story told by @desiradda

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