Mar 18

How to Get Sponsors

Readers will know I think it’s important for most businesses, not-for-profits and charities to have sponsors and not just for the money.

Sponsors not only contribute cash, volunteers, staff, space, prizes, in-kind donations…  to your cause or bottom line because they want to be associated with your brand (it’s called advertising) or for reasons of CSR (corporate social responsibility), but also so you become a marketing channel for them to get their message out/help them with their sales and vice versa. It’s called leverage, brothers and sisters.

I was blown away by this kit folder (shown above) printed up by my pal, Remax Cornwall Realty broker Stephen Kyte. How many sponsors does he have in a small town of just 40,000 of which 22% are elders?


I’ll leave it to you to count.

Prof Bruce

postscript: you can read more about sponsorship here,

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