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By Bruce Firestone | Business Coaching

Sep 09

Here’s a TEDx talk by Priya Parker that, among other things, helps you find your passion.

I learned this year that the two most important days of your life are: the day you are born and the day you find out why.

It took me 61 years to find my “why.” I discovered it when I started coaching folks on how to provide for themselves and their families by creating above average performing real estate investment portfolios, imitating what equity lords (the top .01% wealthiest people on this planet) have known since at least 1740 (when the first duke of Westminster started building in central London).

Priya deals with finding your passion in the above video; you can take a shortcut to this part of her talk using this link, if you don’t have time to watch the whole enchilada.

She suggests that while you may not know what your passion is, your close friends and relatives sure do–they know when you are most “alive.” They’ve seen it in your face and body language and heard it in your tonality.

So she suggests you interview 5-10 people you trust and who are closest to you to help you find your why.

I also like her idea of reducing their suggestions to a comic strip of your life even if the best you can do (like me) is draw stick figures.

What would mine show?

-Prof Bruce as coach and mentor listening and conversing with… one or two of his clients (maximum four at a time) who are in the process of discovering their passion (in real estate investing or business or not-for-profit, the only fields I am qualified for I am afraid)

-Prof Bruce at a whiteboard sketching a new business model that will guide them for generations to come

-clients chipping in with their own suggestions and ideas on how to improve their biz model, making it their very own, differentiating it and animating it

-the whole group, all of us together, celebrating after they have implemented this life-changing strategy

-finally, there is Prof Bruce, after a few more months, waving them goodbye as they happily bicycle off on their own, captain and crew on a vessel named FREEDOM AND FULFILLMENT

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PS. Please also refer to Find your why,

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