Jul 29

How Much Does it Cost to Run a Torino e-Bike?

Not much.

The bike has four, 80V/20Ah lithium ion batteries in it that take anywhere from 3 to 8 hours to fully charge.

Power is calculated as follows:

watts = voltage x 

ampere-hours = 80v x 20Ah x 4 batteries = 6,400 watts = 6.4 kilowatts

If the little bike can produce full power for an hour (at its top speed of 42 kph) then fail, this means it’ll have produced 6.4 kWh total with a range of just over 40 klicks.

If you charge it during off-peak hours in Ontario, you will pay 6.4 kWh x $0.08 or $0.51 CAD to travel 42 kilometers, which works out to about 1.2 cents per km. 

The e-bike also requires no insurance (it’s included in your homeowner insurance or tenant’s insurance package), no special license, no license plate and no registration. 

Compare that to our Saab 9-5, which costs about 50 cents per km or nearly 42 times more than the e-bike to operate.

CAA runs a cool utility that allows you to estimate this at https://caa.ca/car_costs/.

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Numbers are approximate only


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