Apr 07

How Long Will It Take Prof Bruce to Index the Planet?

I have what I think is an impressive number of entries in my email address book: 11,294. I put this together in about 10 years so at a rate of around 1,129 new email contacts per annum; ie, I meet a lot of people.

But just how long would it take me at this rate to have everyone alive today in my system?

Well according to worldometers, there are 7,413,918,563 souls on this planet as of 9:57:43 AM (eastern time) on the 7th day of April 2016. So it’ll take me another 6,564,465 years just to index today’s population, not counting any newborns who happen to arrive in the next six and a half million years.

Tells you what a big place earth is… yet people say that you can find anyone within six degrees of separation. Hmm. Interesting.

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