Nov 17

How Important is Branding?

Millennials are the most brand conscious generation ever, in my view. 

When teaching in Stockholm a while back I noticed that 61 out of 62 of my students at Hyper Island had Mac Book Pros. Why? Are they that much better than the alternatives, mind you at a much higher price? 

Probably not. But Apple’s brand is so pervasive and invasive that they think so.

Of course, none would admit to being so obviously manipulated by a brand, but visual evidence (61 Apple logos staring me in the face for a week) was persuasive.

Do you have to spend tens or hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to build a brand?

Not if you are the Saskatchewan town of Biggar, where their slogan is almost as well known as New York’s I love New York

Their secret? Apparently some inebriated railroad workers erected a sign in the 1930s that read, “NEW YORK IS BIG BUT THIS IS BIGGAR.” It stuck with the town ever since.

The best definition of new marketing I’ve seen so far is: earning trust rather than buying it. Biggar did that in an authentic way.

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postscript: I used this example in a recent speech for SEDA in Humboldt Saskatchewan. Amanda Carruthers is shown above; she is Biggar’s economic development officer. 

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