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Feb 07

Keynote By Bruce M Firestone, PhD


What’s the world’s largest industry other than government? Tech, autos, communications, media? No, it’s real estate. Everyone needs a home, and most of us need a place to shop, entertain, learn or set up an office or a production center. 


Like most modern industries, this one faces an onslaught of tough challenges including–

1. aging population

2. affordability crisis

3. customer service gap

4. implacable opposition from NIMBY’ites, urban planners and local governments

5. getting to net zero housing forms

6. increased regulation and consumer protection legislation

7. changing building codes

8. land/lot shortages

9. zoning ordinances becoming bizarrely complex

10. conflicting signals–cities saying they want more density and intensity (mixed use) but implementing policies that promote the opposite.

As Yogi Berra once said, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” This industry is right there, balancing on a precipice. Should builders adopt modern Internet methods and automate the process for consumers when selecting lots, designs, fit ups and finishes or should they curate the space for their stakeholders?


Is customer service and personal service dead?

These are some of the questions that Prof Bruce answers for his audiences in this spellbinding speech on the future of the home building business. He’ll also talk about animating communities to make them better places to live while (happily) delivering above average returns not only to builders via higher prices and faster sell-through, but also to homeowners via larger increases in future value and a superior quality of life. He’ll also talk about how to really create affordable housing. Lastly, Bruce points out an incredible opportunity for young people today–to fill shoes left behind as so many real estate entrepreneurs retire or pass from the scene.


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