Getting Your Priorities Right

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Jun 21

Want to know the single fastest way to ruin your business, career and life?

Get divorced.

I see it over and over again in my coaching practice as (especially men of a certain age) people change out the old spouse for a new one.

Then they die broke and alone… mostly.

Plus it impacts not one, not two but three generations–if you and your spouse stick together, you, your kids and grandchildren benefit enormously (and not just financially) from family stability. 

Want to know who has their priorities right?


That’s right. Look at the alarm and the speed with which these two mature elephants come to the rescue of a baby that has fallen into a pool in Chorong Park. They have their priorities right…


In a scene in my as yet unpublished novel, Jenna’s Story, her erstwhile lover (Tom) is trying to explain to Jenna what a marriage truly is.

Here’s the excerpt:

“Do you even know what a marriage truly is, Jenna? First, of course,
it has to have love, lust, eroticism, affection, fondness, compatibility,
honesty, openness, common goals, values, generosity, and respect… which sounds
a whole lot like you and me, hon. We are like two halves of one person.

“But if you want to understand what a real marriage between any two people genuinely is, you’ve got to
grasp what the value is of having
someone, one human being, in your life that you can completely trust to have your back always and
eternally, no matter what. That’s me, Jenny, for you, and you, baby, for me.”

Then he does reach for her, and pulls her close. She comes into his
arms, and he kisses her, the same way he always does—like it’s their last kiss,
forever, which maybe it is.

Then as she’s kissing him back, unbidden into her mind comes the
haunting image of Mr Sardonicus. She breaks away.

“No, Tom, no. Please don’t touch me again.”

He forces his arms down to his sides.

“Why Jenna? Why?” Tom says hurting from yet another Jenna rejection.

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