Aug 14

Get Ready for the Return of Handz and Fanz from Planet Vega

Handz, from planet Vega, is on a
mission to conquer Earth’s entertainment industry. To that end, he brings his own Fanz
with him.

They come in peace–to entertain
children inhabiting the 3rd planet circling Sol.

The first language Handz learned
was German, then English. So he speaks with a thick German accent.

He’s a really big fan of cartoons, which of course, take 25.05 years to reach Vega from
Earth, so he and his fellow Vegans are into re-runs in a big way. 

He doesn’t speak much German these days–ever since he learned that his life is a lie because many of the cartoons he watched in German as a young Vegan contained fake names. 

He found this our by watching Trixi (real name Patricia) on her YouTube channel Don’t Trust The Rabbit. He’s a bit disillusioned as a result.   


He visited Earth once before (circa the mid 1990s) on a
pre-scouting mission, setting down at Red Pine Camp on Golden Lake Ontario. 

Neither Handz nor his Fanz have been seen since. 

Handz is a meat-eating Vegan, who adores change-over chicken. 

Stay tuned.

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