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Jan 17

Keynote By Bruce M Firestone, PhD


Do you feel that people (including you) are aiming too low today? That the age of great invention is already over? Then raise your sights and learn to think different. Get in touch with the greater you, the more creative you. How? By listening to Prof Bruce as he talks about his fearless future predictions. 


Why listen to Bruce M Firestone, aren’t there a lot of other futurists? Sure are, but first find one who applied to go to university at 14 and attended at 15, is an engineer with a masters degree and PhD, who has worked all over the world, flown hang gliders in Australia, worked as an operations researcher, consultant, developer, professor, tech exec, keynote speaker, urbanist, coach, mentor, not-for-profit executive director, is an art collector, a prolific author of science fiction and professional publications, is former vice chair of CIRA, Canadian Internet Registry Authority, taught and studied at McGill University, Laval University, the University of New South Wales, the Australian National University, Harvard University, the University of Western Ontario, Carleton University, and the University of Ottawa, and is founder of the modern era NHL’s Ottawa Senators and their home arena, Canadian Tire Centre. He is also a peerless husband and father of five great kids with (so far) two cute grandsons.

“Prof Bruce was an exceptional speaker and a huge hit with all our students and corporate delegates. His keynote at the 2013 Deloitte Energize Your Future Conference was informative and very interesting,” Serena Myles, Business Students Association, University of Alberta School of Business, Edmonton, September 2013.

Bruce’s current motto is—making impossible possible—and he’ll prove that to you with his keynote presentation. He’ll lay out a vision for the future—its opportunities and challenges that will inspire you to raise the bar in your day-to-day life and also in your career.


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Bruce is an entrepreneur/real estate broker/developer/coach/urban guru/keynote speaker/Sens founder/novelist/columnist/peerless husband/dad.